Final Project Part 3: The Drawings

The final portion of our pavilion project was to continue our digital drawings throughout the process, making similar drawings but in relation to our final pavilion design. This included, like at previous stages of our project, various sections to scale, an abstracted perspective, and a couple photographic shots to illustrate lighting and multiple, perhaps unapparent angles.

Final Sections Final Perspective


Materials & Design (2) – Curious Concrete

While the rest of my pavilion work stumbled (eventually successfully) along, Materials and Design was also shifting gears. Following our return from a (very short) spring break, our focus was turned from the formation of basic structures to the materials that make them up. The entire class was divided into 12 or so groups, to cover a wide variety of materials – mine was given concrete. Each group would then go out and explore their material in a multitude of forms, taking photographs and documenting how it is affected by light, moisture, time, weather, etc. We were also asked to research the material extensively, from not only it’s composition, but where it comes from and how it is used (with architectural examples). The idea being that, at the end of the semester, all the materials would be combined into a handbook, which would then be properly printed and a copy distributed to each of us. I have yet to see this handbook, but hopefully it will appear at some point soon.

Below I have attached the ten final photographs that my group submitted. These photos were jointly taken by myself, along with fellow classmates Erik, Jesse, Royd, and Aaron.