Construction Systems #3 – Facade Systems

Another update regarding our Construction Systems class

Our next drafting project asked us to create a facade system, and illustrate how it connected to a 3 story super structure at both a corner and in section. We also had to include at least two perforations – one door, and one window. This forced us to deal with a corner condition, as well as how the facade met the ground (at the basement) and the roof. I chose a hug stone-slab system, with a pattern that allowed one or two panels to be removed to create a door or window. The pattern was also alternated each row, and ended (fairly) cleanly at the corner. Each panel was 5′ high and either 1′ or 2′ wide, allowing for a door of 3′ to simply remove two panels, and also allowing for two rows to complete a floor. I was attempting to minimize the number of unique pieces to theoretically keep costs down and to allow the system to be manufactured off site with relative ease. This system was then hung onto a steel superstructure.

Construction Systems - Facade System.  scale 1" = 1', hand-drafted (graphite).

Construction Systems – Facade System.
scale 1″ = 1′, hand-drafted (graphite).



Some of the first projects we had assigned – using a grid provided, we were tasked to choose two 1″ x 1″ sections, expand them to 18″ x 18″, and then overlay those two expanded grids in two different orientations to create the two grids you see here. From these grids the two moments were chosen for our 3″¬†extrusions¬†and ultimately our two original joints (see previous post).

The first “composite” grid.

The second “composite” grid.