The Future of ARRarch

Sunrise on the Ghats - Varanasi

Hello world! It’s been a while.

Quick update on what I’ve been up to: I just returned from a four-month semester abroad in India, through the study-abroad program at RPI. I along with 9 other architecture students traveled with our professor David Bell and his wife Anne to India, studying at CEPT University (the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology) in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Not only did we get to see a plethora of buildings in and around Ahmedabad (both traditional temples, stepwells, and historical sites, but also newer constructions by Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn, and Charles & Ray Eames), but we spent nearly five weeks traveling around the country seeing even more buildings and landscapes. I am blown away by how much we saw, and how beautiful this country is. India has affected me in ways that I never would have thought possible, and while I have no idea how or when, I know that I need to go back.

Now it is summer, and as I return to the US and try and re-organize my life, I think that this here blog needs some serious addressing. As I have been updating my portfolio/resume, I realize that I should be updating/create a web presence as well. So here’s my plan:

I need a website.This website, for now, will function as an in-depth portfolio of my work and thoughts, as well as a place where I can properly introduce who I am. I am hoping to populate the site not only with my academic work, but also any other projects/writings/designs I do. It will serve as much as a public documentation of my work as a personal archive. Plus I’ve been wanting to properly learn HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and this gives me an excuse to do so.

So what about this blog? As much as I love updating here with the work I have done, it simply is not feasible to do so in a timely manner. There’s just too much to do, and this blog keeps falling by the wayside. At this point the work in my most recent post is from my 3rd semester at RPI, and I just finished my 6th! Holy crap I’m behind. So rather than trying to rush through and update all of that content, I think it would be better to migrate my work over to the soon-to-be website.

Does that mean I’m getting rid of this blog? Absolutely not! I do love having one and want to continue with it – but I think I need to re-imagine what it can and should do. I’ve been wanting a place to post my thoughts and experiences in architecture, but this blog has always been a much more official representation of my work. So, I am proposing that this blog instead be a place to reflect and write as I move through my new architecture-themed life. This gives me a bit more freedom in what I post, and how and when I do so.

I haven’t figured out entirely how I want this to work, but over the coming months I’m going to start migrating the content of this blog over from strictly portfolio work to more reflective, theoretical work. Does this mean I will still post images of what I have done? Certainly. But it will not be as comprehensive and thorough as it has been previously. That will be the job of my website.

In short: I am still here! But this blog clearly hasn’t been. Thus, I plan to reinvent it as a more reflective and conceptual space, migrating the in-depth look at my academic work over to my new (as yet unfinished) website. I think in the long run this system will work much better.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

Sunrise on the Ghats #2 - Varanasi


–August R. Rulewich


I’m Back (again)!


I apologize for my very prolonged absence (it’s been over 3 months since my last post? Holy bajeezum) – Life in the architecture student world is a stressful and busy one. Though each semester presents its own set of new and exciting challenges, this one was particularly ambitious. Not only was our studio project on a completely new scale (designing a housing development with over 80 units) and provided my first experience with cooperative deign, I also found myself in the concert choir, and took on the challenge of Musical Director for my a cappella group (i.e. I had to run every rehearsal and teach all the music). Time flies when you’re having fun, so I must have been enjoying myself because this semester flew by ridiculously fast – but coupled with that speed was a huge amount of new and different work to tackle, so this blog fell a bit by the way-side.

At any rate, here I am back at the blog! Now that summer is here, I should easily be able to update at least once a week, if not more. Stay tuned!


3rd Semester – New Year, New Studio, New Challenges

Now that things have wound down for the holidays, I finally find myself with the time to properly sit down and write about my 3rd semester here at RPI’s SoA (School of Architecture –Ā you can check it out here.). Of course, by the time I’ve begun to write about it, the semester has already finished – perhaps I’ll just always be about a semester behind here. It is amazing how times flies when I am buried in the depths of the program; so much amazing, intriguing, and intense work comes out of that studio. I always enjoy walking around the studio periodically to see what everyone else is working on – it astounds me each time how much variation there is. Between sections of course there is a large difference, as each section professor has their own unique lens from which to impart their knowledge. But even within each section the scope of the projects is fantastic. It just goes to show that there are always so many ways to approach the problem/idea at hand. I suppose this is one of my favorite parts of architecture, the fact that, through the nature of design, there is so much freedom to explore and interpret. Perhaps this is just a product of the academic world, especially given the fact that we are only just beginning to delve into the world of codes. But I suspect that, even beyond school, there is still quite a lot of room for variation – I mean, just look around you at the amazing expanse of design.

Over the next month or so I’ll be working to try and catch this blog up as much as I can to where I am now. Of course the main focus will be my studio project, which this semester consisted of exploring and designing an artist residency for a local sculpture park. However, I’m also looking to include some work from our drafting class, Construction Systems, as well as our final projects from our first Structures class.

And if I seem to depart for a month or two from here throughout the year – don’t worry. It just means I’m hard at work, nose deep in some new, exciting project. šŸ™‚

Don’t Worry – I’m Still Here!

Hello everyone. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

First off, I’d like to apologize for the lack of posting for the past 3 or 4 months. Studying architecture is certainly a time-consuming process, and in the midst of my busy schedule I let this blog slip away a bit. I then subsequently forgot about it and only recently realized that it has been way too long since I have posted. Much has happened in that time!

Now I am on my summer vacation, and have the time to bring this blog back up to speed. Over the next month or so I’ll be writing posts to cover the second half of my second semester. Unfortunately, the ideas behind the work will not be fresh, of-the-moment ideas, but I’ll try and capture my thoughts at the time as best as I can. I will also try and include a date estimate so as to give a proper sense of the timeline of the work. One of the benefits of being done with the semester at this point is I now have much better photographs of my work after documenting everything at the end of the semester.

Again, sorry about letting this blog fall to the way-side, but don’t worry. I’m back!



Second Semester – A Summary

My apologies for not updating this blog about the new projects we have been working on for the second semester (which began back on January 22nd) – due to the large amounts of work for our various classes (both architecture-related and not) I have not had the time to properly photograph and document our current projects until now. I will be posting a couple posts in the next few days to try and bring things up to speed.

The following is an updated look on what is new this semester:

Design Studio, the main architecture course that generated most of the work already posted here and which must be continued through Sophomore year (at which point the function of the class switches to a “Vertical Studio”, or design “focus” as it were), continues this semester with a new professor and a new location on the 4th floor of the Greene Building (the “1st year floor”). Previously, the small group of 15 students of which I was a part of, taken from the larger freshman archie class of 78, had been taught by Prof. Anthony Titus, an artist and architect who not only taught one of the five 1st year studio sections but also managed the entire 1st year program (you can see his profile on the RPI Architecture website here). At the end of each semester, the groups are re-organized and each student is taught by a new professor. This semester, myself and two other students from Prof. Titus’s section are now in Prof. Elena Perez-Guembe’s section (You can see her profile here).

Besides the Design Studio course, all architecture students must take the Materials and Design course, which introduces us to various materials and how (and why) they function in various different forms. I will be posting photos from this course here, as it also pertains to my architectural studies.

Beyond these two courses all 1st years (unless exempt due to AP credits and the like) are required to take the following three courses:

  • B&TA, or Building and Thinking Architecture, an architecture history course. B&TA 1 and 2 happen during our first two semester, with B&TA 3 occurring during our second year.
  • General Physics (or Physics 1, depending on AP credits and such)
  • One Humanities/Social Science course, of which I chose Intro to the Philosophy of Religion

Architecture at RPI

Hello all,

This blog is set to become the new home for all of my architectural endeavors at Rensselaer Polytechnic School. Iā€™ll be posting images of my projects and such, as well as any other architecture-related stuff that I stumble across during my schooling. Due to the large amount of work we must complete on a daily basis as architecture students, updates to this blog may beĀ inconsistent, but I will try and update whenever I can document new material.

DISCLAIMER: All work (images and writing) on this site is my own unless otherwise stated. If you would like to use my work in any way other than sharing a post in its entirety, you must contact me first for permission.

If you want a more succinct version, here’s a portfolio of my work so far:Ā


ā€”August Rulewich