Summer Update #1

So far so good regarding summer:

Website’s coming along well, although just simply the amount of content I want to get in there is making it take a bit longer. At this point though I’ve managed to get nearly all of the functionality I want implemented – now I just need to fill it out. If you want to check out progress, head over to (Note: Right now the only working project is the blue/black one in the lower left, although that should change in the upcoming days).

Coupled with this website construction, I’ve been diving into learning HTML and CSS – right now the site is written from scratch in both. Next on the list: JavaScript. I’m hoping to get a beginning handle on that in the coming weeks, at which point I’ll probably buff out the website with my new-found scripting abilities (we’ll see).

On the job front – last week I started my internship at Juster Pope Frazier LLC. So far I’ve been helping them come through their archives and put together a new digital portfolio, which once completed we’ll migrate over to a new, updated website as well. Turns out my work in web design this summer should come in handy!

Toward an Architecture

I’ve also finally begun reading Corb’s “Toward an Architecture.” I’ve been meaning to read this since last semester because I feel it’ll give me more insight into Le Corbusier’s theories and understanding of architecture, given that this past semester in India our entire studio project focused very heavily on his work. While it is certainly meant to “shock” rather than necessarily to explain, it’s an interesting read.

On another note: Would people like me to recap some of my studies in India here (since I didn’t blog while I was there)? I’ve been debating doing so, but don’t know if it’s worth the time to put it together.

Cheers for now,