The Future of ARRarch

Sunrise on the Ghats - Varanasi

Hello world! It’s been a while.

Quick update on what I’ve been up to: I just returned from a four-month semester abroad in India, through the study-abroad program at RPI. I along with 9 other architecture students traveled with our professor David Bell and his wife Anne to India, studying at CEPT University (the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology) in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Not only did we get to see a plethora of buildings in and around Ahmedabad (both traditional temples, stepwells, and historical sites, but also newer constructions by Le Corbusier, Louis Kahn, and Charles & Ray Eames), but we spent nearly five weeks traveling around the country seeing even more buildings and landscapes. I am blown away by how much we saw, and how beautiful this country is. India has affected me in ways that I never would have thought possible, and while I have no idea how or when, I know that I need to go back.

Now it is summer, and as I return to the US and try and re-organize my life, I think that this here blog needs some serious addressing. As I have been updating my portfolio/resume, I realize that I should be updating/create a web presence as well. So here’s my plan:

I need a website.This website, for now, will function as an in-depth portfolio of my work and thoughts, as well as a place where I can properly introduce who I am. I am hoping to populate the site not only with my academic work, but also any other projects/writings/designs I do. It will serve as much as a public documentation of my work as a personal archive. Plus I’ve been wanting to properly learn HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and this gives me an excuse to do so.

So what about this blog? As much as I love updating here with the work I have done, it simply is not feasible to do so in a timely manner. There’s just too much to do, and this blog keeps falling by the wayside. At this point the work in my most recent post is from my 3rd semester at RPI, and I just finished my 6th! Holy crap I’m behind. So rather than trying to rush through and update all of that content, I think it would be better to migrate my work over to the soon-to-be website.

Does that mean I’m getting rid of this blog? Absolutely not! I do love having one and want to continue with it – but I think I need to re-imagine what it can and should do. I’ve been wanting a place to post my thoughts and experiences in architecture, but this blog has always been a much more official representation of my work. So, I am proposing that this blog instead be a place to reflect and write as I move through my new architecture-themed life. This gives me a bit more freedom in what I post, and how and when I do so.

I haven’t figured out entirely how I want this to work, but over the coming months I’m going to start migrating the content of this blog over from strictly portfolio work to more reflective, theoretical work. Does this mean I will still post images of what I have done? Certainly. But it will not be as comprehensive and thorough as it has been previously. That will be the job of my website.

In short: I am still here! But this blog clearly hasn’t been. Thus, I plan to reinvent it as a more reflective and conceptual space, migrating the in-depth look at my academic work over to my new (as yet unfinished) website. I think in the long run this system will work much better.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.

Sunrise on the Ghats #2 - Varanasi


–August R. Rulewich


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