3rd Semester – New Year, New Studio, New Challenges

Now that things have wound down for the holidays, I finally find myself with the time to properly sit down and write about my 3rd semester here at RPI’s SoA (School of Architecture – you can check it out here.). Of course, by the time I’ve begun to write about it, the semester has already finished – perhaps I’ll just always be about a semester behind here. It is amazing how times flies when I am buried in the depths of the program; so much amazing, intriguing, and intense work comes out of that studio. I always enjoy walking around the studio periodically to see what everyone else is working on – it astounds me each time how much variation there is. Between sections of course there is a large difference, as each section professor has their own unique lens from which to impart their knowledge. But even within each section the scope of the projects is fantastic. It just goes to show that there are always so many ways to approach the problem/idea at hand. I suppose this is one of my favorite parts of architecture, the fact that, through the nature of design, there is so much freedom to explore and interpret. Perhaps this is just a product of the academic world, especially given the fact that we are only just beginning to delve into the world of codes. But I suspect that, even beyond school, there is still quite a lot of room for variation – I mean, just look around you at the amazing expanse of design.

Over the next month or so I’ll be working to try and catch this blog up as much as I can to where I am now. Of course the main focus will be my studio project, which this semester consisted of exploring and designing an artist residency for a local sculpture park. However, I’m also looking to include some work from our drafting class, Construction Systems, as well as our final projects from our first Structures class.

And if I seem to depart for a month or two from here throughout the year – don’t worry. It just means I’m hard at work, nose deep in some new, exciting project. 🙂


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