Materials And Design – The Final Project

Our final project for the Materials and Design course was, in a group of four, select a moment of one of our final projects, and reconstruct it at a larger scale, taking into account how  the larger scale would affect both design and materiality of the moment. The section also had to be movable/transformable in some form. While it needed not be an exact replica of one of the projects, its design intent had to be formed from that of the project.

The section I was in, which included friends/classmates Jesse, Erik, and Lauren as well as myself, chose a moment from Erik’s final pavilion design. We took this reference and constructed a large, long strand or chain, which could be twisted/spiraled to form various shapes. Each member of the chain was built out of three sheets of basswood that were them laminated together. The members each had a slot in the center, through which a sheet of acrylic could slide. These acrylic sheets were used to fit through multiple, parallel members, and thus hold whatever form was chosen together. The members were connected via a pin connection, to allow for free rotation.

Below are some attached images to better illustrate the design.

M+D Final Project

photo credit Erik

M+D Final Project

photo credit Erik


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