Second Semester – A Summary

My apologies for not updating this blog about the new projects we have been working on for the second semester (which began back on January 22nd) – due to the large amounts of work for our various classes (both architecture-related and not) I have not had the time to properly photograph and document our current projects until now. I will be posting a couple posts in the next few days to try and bring things up to speed.

The following is an updated look on what is new this semester:

Design Studio, the main architecture course that generated most of the work already posted here and which must be continued through Sophomore year (at which point the function of the class switches to a “Vertical Studio”, or design “focus” as it were), continues this semester with a new professor and a new location on the 4th floor of the Greene Building (the “1st year floor”). Previously, the small group of 15 students of which I was a part of, taken from the larger freshman archie class of 78, had been taught by Prof. Anthony Titus, an artist and architect who not only taught one of the five 1st year studio sections but also managed the entire 1st year program (you can see his profile on the RPI Architecture website here). At the end of each semester, the groups are re-organized and each student is taught by a new professor. This semester, myself and two other students from Prof. Titus’s section are now in Prof. Elena Perez-Guembe’s section (You can see her profile here).

Besides the Design Studio course, all architecture students must take the Materials and Design course, which introduces us to various materials and how (and why) they function in various different forms. I will be posting photos from this course here, as it also pertains to my architectural studies.

Beyond these two courses all 1st years (unless exempt due to AP credits and the like) are required to take the following three courses:

  • B&TA, or Building and Thinking Architecture, an architecture history course. B&TA 1 and 2 happen during our first two semester, with B&TA 3 occurring during our second year.
  • General Physics (or Physics 1, depending on AP credits and such)
  • One Humanities/Social Science course, of which I chose Intro to the Philosophy of Religion

One response to “Second Semester – A Summary

  1. Hi Gus…Looking at this in Mexico with minimal connectivity so could not download everything…but what I can see is very impressive. I am interested in hearing about your impressions of your religion course. We are arriving back in CO this Saturday & hope we will see you in April for your Mom’s book launch reception…Love you…Nanee


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