Time for Some Digital Drawing

After the creation of our initial two 3″ square joints, we were asked to choose the two most interesting moments or “spaces”, and then expand them into 4 3″ x 3″ x 9″ joints, utilizing rotation, reflection, scaling, and shearing (I’ll post photos of those once I find my camera). We also learned how to render them in 3D using Rhinoceros 5, and having taken multiple “views” of these renderings (sections, plans, and/or axiometric views), construct two digital images (two joints per image) that incorporated our mars landscape*, two grids, and the views of our joints. These images were constructed using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (with the joint views coming from the 3D renderings in Rhino), and have gone through many iterations. I’m not completely satisfied with them, as I have discovered that I approached them with a more artistic lens, sometimes forgetting that architectural drawings such as these also have to objectively portray information about their subject matter. That has by far been my biggest struggle – drawing with both the “subjective” artistic and “objective” engineering viewpoints simultaneously.

The first of the two 36″x36″ digital drawings, incorporating our two grids, multiple views of two of our four larger joints, and the martian landscape we had chosen earlier.

The second of the two 36″x36″ digital drawings. This one has a more vertical layout to accentuate the vertical nature of my 4th joint.

*The overall goal of our project is that we will be creating some sort of space/structure that deals with the terraformation of the martian landscape. This is not strictly a “building” as we are not focused on the practicality of the space but rather how a society might move through and interact with the space, as well as it’s interactions with the various parts it consists of and the landscape it is situated on. At the beginning of the semester we chose a particular mars image which will eventually become the site for our final structure.

My chosen Mars landscape.


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